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Codeigniter Framework

Codeigniter is the most commonly used framework in web development. features of MVC Based, Error Handling, Security, User Friendly many more.

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VueJs Framework

Vue js is a popular javascript framework that helps build a very excellence user interface. very small size, simple integration, two way communication etc.

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Materialize Frameworks

Materialize is a strong tool to design and it is very easy to learn. Features of responsive design, effect design, experience user design.

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React Native

The React Native Hybrid Mobile application is a good option that can be developed for both iOS and Android with the same code. hot reload, pre build component, large community.

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What is server requirement for…

PHP version 7.2 or newer is required for working on codeigniter 4, with the “intl” extension and “mbstring” extension installed in local server.

by Deepak TailorSep 15, 2020

Query helper function | insertID…

The functions that are performed to check the response of this query are the query helper function when the query of the database is executed.…

by Deepak TailorOct 20, 2020

How to use materialize colors…

There are many classes for colors in materialize css. We can use these classes on any test or any background. materialize provided three type of…

by Deepak TailorDec 21, 2020

renderSection() use in views file

CodeIgniter supports a simple, yet very flexible, layout system that makes it simple to use one or more base page layouts across your application. There…

by Deepak TailorOct 02, 2020

Selecting data | getWhere |…

The codeigniter provides us with the query builder class. Which makes it easy to communicate with the database. In this, we can insert, read, update,…

by Deepak TailorOct 20, 2020

How to use materialize helper…

Some helpers are given in the materialize. Which makes the design even easier. Such as a text helper that works to set the alignment of…

by Deepak TailorDec 30, 2020

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